Luce Veritas, Toronto


Luce Veritus members are Christians trying to live our lives in the charism of Dominic as lay people living in contemporary North American society. We do not have a collective mission, but we are committed to bringing the Gospel to life in our everyday circumstances as well as committed to the renewal of the church through works and ministries in our respective communities.

We are a diverse group of women and men—single, married, workers, retirees—ranging in ages from the 40’s to 90. We meet regularly in Mississauga, but half of our members live in distant communities, some over 250 kms.

Our Dominican Laity family supports us with a respectful environment where we experience the freedom to express ourselves, inquire, search, risk and become inspired as we journey together and apart. The pillars of prayer, study and community provide a solid basis for each individual to discern and fulfil ‘their mission’, preaching through word, action, support or example.

We seek inspiration from the entire Dominican family through regular communication, open dialogue, meaningful liturgies, homilies and opportunities to meet in order to expand our knowledge and renew our commitment.