History of the Order:

Book (pdf document of 117 pages): « Dominican short history », W.M Hinnebush o.p., year of publication, edition
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Order of Preachers:  Novitiate Program

*Note-If possible these books should be  read before commencing with the program

1-Images of God-(*Book-“Jesus Today” by Albert Nolan OP, &other sources)

Also discuss the article “The False God’s we Sometimes Teach” by Fr.  Raymond Devettere

The God-of Prize and Punishment

               -of the Stare
               -the Tease

-the Torture

-Big Daddy

2 &3-Jesus-Mission & the Kingdom-  (*Book-“Jesus Before Christianity “ by Albert Nolan OP)

4&5-*OP History of the Order –Dominican Short History by WM Hinnebush OP
6-OP Lay History -by Weber OP
Read-The Purpose of the  Dominican Laity by Charles Malatesta OP @


Read History of Fraternities of St Dominic  @


7 & 8-OP-Sprituality and Tradition (Dominican Spirituality by E. Borgman OP will be supplied if available)

Dominican Spirituality is-

  • a Christian Spirituality
                        – of incarnation, belief in the goodness of creation & humanity
-Marked by joy, optimism, tenderness, & compassion
-Human, every human is made in the divine image
-Inner conversion to the Gospel, to grace & love, not any rule

-Christocentric Spirituality, Jesus the boundary breaker

-Evangelical, poverty, apostolic zeal

-Practical ,useful & active in the world

-Parliamentary Democracy

-of Truth

                        -of Fraternal Community


Dominican Spirituality by Edward Schillebeeckx  OP@

The Prophet, Justice & the Ministry of Spiritual Direction by Ellen O’Shaughnessy OP@

Dominican Life @

Sacred Preaching & Dominican Spirituality by Liam Walsh OP @

Other articles:

The Spirituality of St Dominic & The Dominican Mission by Felicisimo M. Diez OP

Dominican Spirituality  & Tradition by Gabrielle Kelly OP

9-OP -Iconic Sisters & Brothers –see famous Dominicans etc @






10-OP Lay Constitution/Rule @


11-Church  and Mission -Candidate #2-Unit2 @

12-Church in the Modern  World, Challenges & Resolutions-multi sources-candidate #2 –unit #6@

Also article by Dutch Dominicans-“Towards the Church with a Future” @

Also article “Anointed for Mission; Who is Called to Preach the Gospel” by Mary Hilkert op @

Also the New Religious Landscape in Europe by Dominican Provincials of Europe@



13-OP Mission /Preaching  the Gospel-

Dominican Family is Called to Respond by Liam Walsh op @

Read-Contemplation, The Vocation of the Dominican Order by Giles Hibbert OP@

Read-Mercy,The Heart of a Dominican by Chrys McVey OP @

Read-The Word of God & World Religious & Cultures by Claude Geffre OP @

Other article:
Dominicans :Prophetic Preaching by Sarah Sharkey OP
Being a Dominican Today-Chrys McVey OP