Greetings to everyone, We have just come from spending several days at a meeting of the DLIPC (Dominican Laity International Provincial Council). This meeting takes place every eighteen months, bringing together the presidents and delegates of the 5 North American provinces; 4 provinces are in the United States, and 1 province, our own, is from […]

By Inessa   It was quite an experience to be part of a Congress of Dominicans from all over the world.  And a little ironic to meet for the first time Canadian Dominicans in Italy!  The Congress was a witness to two primary Dominican characteristics:  it was dialogic, with people speaking openly, disagreeing with passion […]

When Dominic founded the Order of Preachers, the premises of the various branches of the Dominican family were already present. Nuns, brothers and lay people participated from very the beginning of the Order in it‘s dissemination. This intuition of a common mission, of complementary charisms have probably contributed in preventing that traces of our father […]

  By Andrea Di Giovanni   Introduction The following is the text of a talk I gave on “Mercy in the Bible” as part of a Lenten series on the Year of Mercy. Creation To begin to talk about Mercy in the Bible, let’s start with Creation. According to Genesis, “In the beginning, when God […]